We have breeding females and pet males in a range of colours. The care of all our alpacas is second to none


We have several females in a variety of colours, all with very reputable genetics. Good nutrition and stress-free husbandry practices make for the best chance of a good pregnancy and a healthy, fibre-rich cria.

Great care is taken when choosing a stud male for each of our girls. We aim to continually improve progeny through selecting complimentary genetics to ensure generational improvement.



Our boys are assessed up to the age of two to see if they have the potential to be a stud male. Any alpacas that don’t make the highest grade in both conformation and fleece are castrated to become pets.

Without the influence of hormones, castrated pet boys become quieter and easier to handle. They’re a great choice for smaller herds as they tend not to fight, they can be kept with breeding females without the risk of unwanted pregnancies and they make great sheep and chicken guards, too. On top of this, they’re also great companions for weanlings, sick animals, or any alpaca you need to separate from the main herd. 



Young alpacas are known as cria. The birth of our cria is always the highlight of our year.

Alpacas are pregnant for approximately eleven and a half months so once the breeding decision is made it’s a long wait to see if it was a good choice! 

All cria are an absolute delight. Extra care is taken with these precious bundles. Daily weight checks, ensuring mum has a sufficient milk supply and just generally keeping them out of trouble takes time and patience. It’s incredible to see them thriving and exploring their new world.  


When our cria reach around six months of age and are over 35kgs in weight, we wean them from their mothers. This allows the mother to have a break and get into tip-top condition ready for the next birth. Cria are weaned together regardless of sex. Putting them with a couple of non-pregnant females to act as aunties takes away the stress and fear that weaning can bring.

Extra care is taken to weigh and body score our cria. We also take faecal samples after a few weeks to ensure that the stress of weaning has not affected their health. Weaning is also the time that we halter train our youngsters. Time and patience makes for a well-rounded, easy to handle youngster


Award-Winning Alpacas

In our quest to showcase the quality of our herd and celebrate their genetics, we’ve started to delve into the world of alpaca shows. 

Watch our trophy cabinet grow:

  • Wilson our dark fawn junior won 3rd place at the British Alpaca National Show 2018