All Acton Hill Alpacas were tested in November 2017 for bTB using the Enferplex bTB serological blood test and received 100% negative results.

Alpaca Well-Being

Our alpacas are our family so we take every step to ensure their good health. The biosecurity measures at Acton Hill Alpacas are designed to protect our animals and allow them to thrive.


Here’re some of the ways we safeguard the well-being of our herd:

  • We routinely test our alpacas for BVD, TB, Coccidia, Resistant Worms, Mites and Liver Fluke
  • We keep accurate and up-to-date health records of all our herd
  • Our paddocks are surround by electric fences to keep out animals that pose health threats
  • Post-mortem examinations are carried out as necessary to check for any potential problems
  • All alpacas visiting Acton Hill Alpacas are kept separately from our herd
  • Once visiting alpacas have left, we remove all faeces and disinfect the alpaca’s barn
  • We routinely bTB test our alpacas. Our stock are kept separate from non-TB tested alpacas at shows when this option is available
  • All visitors to Acton Hill Alpacas must dip their boots or shoes in our disinfection foot baths before entering
  • All our boots are disinfected both before and after visiting other herds and farms to avoid potential infection spreading