At Acton Hill Alpacas we’re a high-quality breeding farm with a herd of alpacas from top-notch genetics. From time to time we have alpacas for sale in a range of colours and ages. All of our alpacas are friendly, halter trained and easy to handle. We routinely monitor their health and behaviour and follow strict biosecurity measures to make sure each alpaca is in the best possible condition. 

We’re committed to matching our alpacas with suitable, happy homes. By spending time pairing their individual personalities with your needs, we’ll make the perfect match. We’ll always honour special bonds by only selling certain alpacas as a group to ensure they stay together. If you would like more information or to arrange a visit please feel free to get in touch .

What we offer:

  • Specialist and personalised farm advice
  • A full health history of each alpaca
  • Ongoing advice after taking your alpaca home
  • Husbandry and handling tuition
  • Guidance on handling equipment and facilities set up 
  • Microchipped, British Alpaca Society registered alpacas
  • Delivery of your Alpacas to your paddock

Acton Hill Aria Acton Hill Nimeria Houghton Quintessa of Acton Hill Acton Hill Angelou
Fowberry Florentino of Acton Hill Acton Hill JaliscoActon Hill Gisela Acton Hill ReyActon Hill Sir RupertActon Hill Lord PercivaleActon Hill Seigneur DidierActon Hill the Mighty QuinnActon Hill Baron ArchibaldActon Hill OakleyActon Hill MandaleeActon Hill RikoBlueberry Alonso Renata II of Acton HillActon Hill Baron WilfordActon Hill CharmToft Nesoi of Acton HillActon Hill WilsonActon Hill Kaizen WarriorBeck Brow Athlete of Acton HillActon Hill Daenerys Storm BornBeck Brow Honey Bun of Acton HillActon Hill Rocket ManActon Hill Cocoa BeanActon Hill Ziggy StardustMyton Lady Emily of Acton HillTitus Astrid of Acton Hill