Stuart and Angela Wilson live in Staffordshire. Owners of an ever-growing award-winning travel company, proud parents of four children and four dogs, and currently managing a two property renovation project, it’s easy to say they like to keep busy. Their moto: life is short, live it.

The Wilsons

We have always loved having animals in our lives & back in 2015 I was standing in the empty paddocks of our new home, I had an idea. “Why don’t we bring our dream of owning alpacas to life,” I said to Stuart can we finally add alpacas to our lives. And so began our wonderful journey to Acton Hill Alpacas.

Though fairly easy to care for, alpacas are a responsibility. Prior to our adventure we had no experience of livestock. So, before taking the plunge we spent 18 months researching, meeting with breeders, attending courses and reading as much literature as we could get our hands on. As we were starting from scratch, we could tailor our farm set-up to facilitate easy handling. This made our lives, but most importantly our animals’ lives, as stress free as possible. 

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Here at Acton Hill Alpacas we have an ever growing herd of award winning alpacas. Our passion is genetics and our aim is to constantly enhance our animal’s fleece quality and conformation. Our alpacas are our family so our commitment to biosecurity and ensuring we match our alpacas with suitable, happy homes are our top priorities. 

We’re now totally immersed in the wonderful world of Alpacas. Our lifestyle has been thoroughly enhanced by spending time with these amazing creatures.

the wilsons

Get in touch to chat through owning your own alpacas or to arrange one of our Introduction To Alpacas packages.

Angela & Stuart x